You open your eyes and see the torn envelope on your desk. Instead of an address, it just says "In case of trouble" in bold red letters. You've seen this envelope sitting on the bookshelf every day of your life for the past twelve years. You've looked at it. Examined it. Felt it and weighed it to guess at what it could contain. Shaken it to and held it to the sun to try and discern what that little bump in the middle was.

But today the envelope is open and a sheet of paper sits next to it.


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The knowledge base part was amazing! I thought it was another simple web export game until that point. How did you implement the search box?

I hacked it :) Thanks for noticing! I wondered at the last minute if it might work, and it it didn't turn out to be too complicated. If you download the main.js file and look for "search" it's just a few lines of code that react to a choice being defined as "SEARCH" and sets the contents of an Ink variable. You can do anything you like with it afterwards, so it would work for asking a player's name, for example. (I just have a switch in my Ink that diverts to the right pages depending on the string.)

Thank you!

This solves my problem wonderfully, and opens a lot of possibilities!

Ah, would you mind to make the code available for download?  I plan to try this hack in my Fortnightly Fiction entry and having a proper implementation to refer to would be very helpful.


Sure, there you go.

Thank you very much!

Oh man I really loved this game and it's whole concept, the groundhog day scenario and investigation elements really had me exploring every possibly thing I could to uncover who we were and what was going on. I love it when you figure out the whole thing, however I couldn't figure out if there was a way to end the loop. I don't know if I missed a path, or if that's intentional, but I'd love to know if there's a way to "complete the game" per say. Would definitely jump back in if I knew if I could get through to the end or not. 

Again really awesome woven together mystery/groundhog day tale that really makes you hunt for clues and rewards you for exploration. 

Thanks a lot! There is somewhat of an ending, though it's not very fleshed out, and I made it too hard to reach :) You need to have read the right document in the knowledge base (hint: it's an identifier rather than a word) and then… say the right things — that part is a little more trial-and-errory than I intended, but there are few enough choices that it should be tolerable.

Interesting! Well I think I'll definitely try dipping back into it then to try to get to that ending. I think it must've been that I hadn't quite found everything in the knowledge base since I had felt so close for that final "trial and error" section. I honestly think that section wasn't too bad, it was just going through it not knowing what else I needed to progress that was frustrating.